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The Bills Make Me Wanna Shout

I have posted more than a few times about the Bills on Instagram and Twitter. I wear #14's jersey to work at Hooters every Monday. I documented my game day experience last December in Orchard Park. I do love wearing red and blue. However, I never claimed to know a single thing about the sport.

I'm not saying I'm completely clueless to what a first down is or how many points a safety is but football isn't my first, second, or third language. I'm a Bills fan by birth and a lover of rowdy events so I went with it. My dad went to school in Buffalo and my siblings and I were

all raised to believe that Buffalo is the only real New YorkTeam. Yeah, I'm one of those.

Tylor Walden reached out to me to chat football and of course, I said yes. I warned him to go easy on me because I'm a fan for the entertainment aspect, not the stats. Our interview can be found here and the video is here.


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