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AEW's Toni Storm

I'm not giving NOTHING away with the title. Do I love her? Fear her? Have beef? It's all of the above. She is a bad ass and we just happen to have the same hair. She's gorgeous, strong, entertaining, and has GREAT style. As original as I thought my ideas was, there are quite a few blondies with black peekaboo hair cuts and we're gonna chat about them all. Where were they when I was looking up Pinterest photos to show my stylist thought? Unsure because I really needed some help with my vision.

Mackenzie is a Clemson graduate and influencer. She was part of a squad a girlfriends/fiancée/wives to student football players. You might have seen her in Trevor Lawrence's squad of friends but she is also a TikTok star in her own right. She has long, thick, wavy blonde hair and dyed the peekaboo in what seems like years ago. However, I'm still gonna say she copied me.

QUEEN. Disney villains are always the sexier and most extravagant characters; it's only natural to be more drawn to them than the heros. Cruella is a true fashion icon and the Emma Stone movie solidified that she is a goddess to me. She's creative and scrappy - both if which I am attracted to and inspired by. I'm lucky to be in the same split hair realm as her, even if hers in 'natural' and I pay $$ to be this way.

America's former sweetheart has switched up her hair quite a few times. She went from the classic and notable messy top bun to her bleached pixie cut. She has transformed and grown up as millions watched. But her skunk hair seems to escape most people. Miley had chunky black highlights in December of 2021. She had shoulder length blonde hair at the time and decided to mix in some edgier locks to her look. I loved it. Like her Bangerz Era, I was a fan.

Yes, I've saved the best for last....Anyway, I went to a high school that called their student section the Rain Makers because we create a storm in the stands. I'm a Rain Maker for Toni Storm. She has athleticism that I just don't think would ever come naturally to me (and I was a four year Varsity champion and D1 college athlete). She has the edge of a razor blade, the style of an early 2000's Christina Aguilera, and the hair to match the rest of the queens on this list. Toni Storm over D.M.D any day, over any other AEW ladies actually. Toni Storm is feared, loved, respected, and I'm honored to be weave twins.

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