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Jurassic Express (and AEW) Has My Heart

I attended my first #AEWGrandSlam and I LOVED IT. I did not love the Heineken line that was longer than the Nile, that lack of security the venue seemed to have, or Britt Baker, BUT still 10/10. There were a lot of wrestlers that changed their rankings in the AEW world last night and today they get their ABA rankings. Disclaimer : I know next to nothing on story lines, history and I am here for pure entertainment purposes only.

Britt Baker D.M.D - I love her hair, her makeup, and the glove/ putting her fingers in her opponents' mouth when she beats them bit. I think her trash talk game could use some work. Ruby Soho knows her way around a mic and around a crowd, you gotta be able to go toe to toe.

Ruby Soho - You gotta love her walkout song but I still think Ruby Riot is a better name. I love her firecracker attitude and her hair to match. Personally, my favorite move was her grabbing DMD with her ankles while in push up position on the corner then bringing her knees in to smush DMD into the pads. Maybe that move has a name? Maybe we call it The Soho?

Adam Cole - BOOM. ADAM COLE BAY BAY. Even as a first timer and someone with a very base level understanding of pro wrestling, I could tell that Adam Cole is one of their money makers. He has star power and a great chant. BOOM.

Bryan Danielson - I feel like he just looks like the state of Florida. He could be a resident of Gainesville or Tallahassee. Maybe he volunteers at The Villages on his days off. I was rooting for him in the Kenny Omega fight, even when his chest was bleeding all over and it made me uneasy to watch. 12/10 fighter, Florida/10 persona.

Jurassic Express - Jungle Boy looks like a baby brother to the Young Bucks, Luchasaurus' green braid/ wig makes me giggle, and Marko Stunt gets lost in the shuffle but has spirit. I love the group. Jurassic Park is my favorite Hollywood franchise, so I might be picking them as y favorite tag team based off of that BUT I DON'T CARE.

Dante Martin - I can easily see him becoming a bigger part of the company as he grows. He is the Simone Biles of AEW. He flips out faster and harder than a girl finding her man talking to his ex. I like his energy and his attitude.

I wish I could say and next review coming after ________! but I'm not deep enough into the wrestling-verse to know upcoming matches. But one day!

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