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And If I Was A Professional Wrestler...

Despite spraining my neck once from a somersault, I believe I would be a fantastic AEW or WWE superstar. I have quick footwork from fencing and my ability to take a hit was developed in mosh pits at 17 during the peak of my Warped Tour days. I can play the role on camera and I love an audience. Although it'll never come true, I can day dream. I can write a two minute read for your enjoyment and build a fantasy for myself in that time.

Every athlete has a story and a role. I'm not as well versed as others but I'm familiar enough to get the idea. I'm going to pick at one of my many hobbies to base my character off of and that is thrifting. I think it would be just the perfect amount of balance between an evil and innocent role to only enter a ring wearing an outfit that the competition has previously worn. Is it a black lace set that Ruby Soho had lost a championship match in? I'm wearing it in my match with her to psych her out. D.M.D have a tough match? I'm gonna rock the same purple leather fit but better, obviously, when I take her out. PLUS I'd also add wigs into the works and wear a lace front of my competition's. Now that you know my must learn my name. And that is...


Get it? It's short for consignment...I'm literally thrift flip but flip is also a play on my ability to flip off the top rope. Can I do that?? Absolutely not but this is my dream scenario so I can pretend it's my signature move. Connie Flip sounds more like a superhero or a cartoon character than anything else but I think it could also work seamlessly into the ring.

Connie's signature move, like I said, is the flip off the top rope. I'm still working out the kinks of this fantasy so maybe it'll be like a grab and tackle, maybe it'll be flip off and then a kick into my opponent. I'm not a spirited fighter so the technique of victory is not my strong suit. However, Connie is a master of mind games so her trash talking and self-hype will be more than enough to make up for what she lacks in physical ability.

Lastly, there needs to be a song to tie this new role up with a bow. Connie is herself but she also cosplays as her opponent aka Someone Else. Sullivan King fits the vibe of songs that the crowd of Arthur Ashe or AT&T Stadium would scream the lyrics of. I love a good song and I love the feeling of a group yelling out the same lines all together in passion. I know a few AEW entrance songs but I'm not gonna lie, I thought Cult of Personality was reaaally Total Personality. REGARDLESS - music is important and starting the song at :44 and going until about 1:50 would be *chef's kiss*. IDC that the song is mostly about King wanting a better romance with a different partner; it could also be interpreted as a professional wrestler wanting to act as someone else to play mind games in hopes of a belt. Tomato, tomato.

And with that...Connie Flip has been born.

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