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I'm not the expert to claim it's the best song ever released but I standing by the FACT that the 2009 hit is a top song of my generation. There is not a soul born from 1993-2005 that does not know every single word. We're singing moment the pop hit comes on the speakers. From it's controversial start, her performance of it during the 2009 Kid's Choice Awards, to a recent performance at the 2022 NYEP, this bop has reigned supreme*.

After one Google search, I've discovered that the perfect cruising altitude to study at is 60 to 70 BPM. And the perfect level to workout is 140 to 160, says Mayo Clinic. I'd say the activity that would be between studying and working out would be the average nine-to-five. It's got the busy work, memorization, and strategic thinking on the study-side of the spectrum. It has the element of working out that when you're done for the day, you wanna collapse. And maybe that sometimes, during, you look in the mirror and question if you're doing this forum/form right. (Ha, get it?). So, do you wanna know how many BPMs would be the average of the two paces? Approximately : 100. Wanna know how many BPM are in Party In The U.S.A? 96! IT IS D*MN NEAR PERFECT.

I'm not one to beat a dead horse - (yes, I am) but another point for team PITUSA is that Billboard ranked it 64th on the 100th Greatest Karaoke Songs of All Time. With an estimated, (noted from Mr. Google again) 120 million songs, that would put Ms. Cyrus' banger in the top 5.3333333333333E-5%. To the negative fifth power percent? I know that's gotta be INSANE small which means Miley's chart topper is a iconic piece. It's the greatest song of all time..

We've put the facts down. But now it's my personal testimonial that will have you noddin' your head like yeaah. I've used this song for over a decade to focus. Maybe it's the way the lyrics are more ingrained into my bones than my childhood home phone number. Maybe it's the way I can't sit still so the simple sway at my desk to the rhythm is perfect. Maybe she was just born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline. Whatever additive and productive substance that Miley sprinkled into these melodies is *CHEF'S KISS*.

I've very much proved my point and factual statement of Miley Cyrus' hit being the king but there is further proof in the pudding..

Exhibit A: I've tracked my plays on Airbuds - with this data from THIS PAST WEEK ONLY...incase it's not known, the "on repeat" only counts songs placed on a loop.

Exhibit B : I'll set my company wide Slack profile to let my peers know that I'm slow to reply but that my favorite song is what's keeping the engine running.

Exhibit C : I've rest my case.

* I could NOT find a way to make this flow but my favorite part of those performances is the difference of how she sings "cardigan" all those years apart.

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