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I wish I was joking when I say that I came across a tweet about cosmetic ear lobe surgery. But alas...there it was on my feed. I don't even think Clueless' Cher would consider such a reason to go under the knife. Ha, get it?

There is nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery, I've publicly stated that I've been to a consultation or two of my own. But I think this has opened my eyes to how delusional we've become. We are supposed to age. H*LL - I CAN'T WAIT. You think I want to pay to keep my roots up? I am THRILLED for the day that my hair grows out grey. But the topic specifically here is not cosmetic surgery or aging. It's the tomfoolery of thinking we can and should fight Mother Nature's process in such a way of chopping off loose ear skin. AS IF ANYONE IS GONNA NOTICE ANYWAY. Can you honestly tell me that one ear is more attractive than the other? :

I think aging is beautiful. I think aging is like Goose Island's Bourbon County Stouts, you can either worry about if you're gonna get one/it while fighting the crowds or you can let it happen gracefully and accept whatever happens, happens. I'm going to let life happen gracefully. I'm going to let my ears be decorated with funky and eclectic earrings while not worrying about the aftermath. Life is too short to worry about your earlobes being long. "Do Your Ears Hang Low" by whoever writes up nursery rhymes.

And PS - I'm not going to shame those that do but do you have the extra budget for that??

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