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Oh wow, Clare buying a flight? Shocker! It's not even news at this point. But one is a liiiiiiittle farther than any other trip I've taken. It's a bold move but I'm in my alone phase of life and it just felt right.

You know how when you go shopping and how you should always start in the back of the store and work your way forward? Well I'm applying that concept to international travel. I'm going to the opposite side of the globe to continue my passport stamping. I figured that I don't have a lifetime of sitting on long flights so I might as well do the longest ones possible when I'm the most comfortable to do them. It's great logic, honestly. I've spent the past two ish years traveling domestically because of pandemic restrictions but it's come to a point where I have to expand my horizons and fly directly into it.

I had a few different ways I wanted to start this blog and the above was one option. But in the words of the taco shell commercial kid, "por que no los dos?" Another direction was going to be that I bought this flight off a gut feeling. I get pretty strong womanly intuition and this was one of those times. I've never been wrong. I could explain this, but some things and examples are better left unsaid. But those who get it, get it. Anyway, I had a strange feeling that I should fly to X location so I looked up flights and I found one that was $888 dollars as a top choice. 888 is an angel number that symbolizes financial wealth/luck, success, and overall that you're on the correct path. I've been following intuition more heavily than I ever have before and it has been paying off so I figured I might as well book the d*mn thing. So within a few hours of just THINKING of this mystery location...the flight was booked.

SOOO might be wondering where this extra special location is, right? I'll give some hints but no spoilers just yet. It should be pretty obvious but..

  1. There are the same amount of letters in this country as there are in the specific city that I'll be flying into.

  2. Their official first day of spring begins in February. *

  3. X has a very strong public transportation system and unlike New York City subways, you need to form a line to get on board.

  4. It's a country made up of many islands.

  5. According to Google, this location"ranks one of the safest spots for solo female travelers". And as one of those, pur slay.


* I will be attending a large event in order to celebrate the turning of seasons. I can't give any more hints because it will give toooo much away. While looking at flights/PTO scheduling, I was also checking out visiting for my birthday (January 3rd). There are New Years customs in which I wanted to take part in as well as a VERY LARGE event (involving a belt) that happens inside a Dome on January 4th...

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