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It's Not #MillerTime, It's #MaryLisle Time

Miller Lite and Molson Coors have made a statement. And a damn good one. Miller Lite is releasing a new and limited edition can for the Fourth of July. They're also donating $5 for every case sold online, using Drizzly or Instacart from 6/27 until 7/4. So what's this damn good statement?

"This Fourth of July, we’re celebrating the trailblazing impact women have made in beer with a limited edition can inspired by America’s first recorded female brewer, Mary Lisle."

-@MillerLite Instagram

Miller has partnered with the Pink Boots Society. The Society has also made an Instagram post with a statement :

"This upcoming Fourth of July weekend, make sure to grab a case online via @drizlyinc or @instacart !!! 🍻 @molsoncoors will be donating a portion of online sales of this LIMITED EDITION can to the #PinkBootsSociety."

I love this. I love that women in beer are being appreciated more, as they should. I love that it's not Women's History Month and the recognition isn't performative based on that. Fourth of July is one of the largest drinking days of the year; Molson is cutting into their profits to aid in funding education for women and enby individuals in the craft beer industry. I'm excited for this...if you couldn't tell. I've entered to win the limited Mary Lisle 2-pack and fingers crossed that I'm one of the 100 winners. But if you want to increase my odds and enter on my behalf....thank you in advance!!

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