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It’s also #NationalFrenchToast Day but we can skip the syrup and discuss what consumers are doing with their sugar. I’m pretty openly philanthropic and support my local organizations year long. However, I want to open up the floor to highlight breweries who do the same. #GivingTuesday is way to generate extra dollars but like Black Friday - it feels performative. I believe the businesses who show their support for 501c3s (and beyond) deserve to be highlighted for their commitment year round :

They’ve been running their Be Kind Initiative for years - changing their charitable partners monthly. However, each receiving philanthropy falls within three major categories which are Veterans, Community, and Animals. Smutty features three to four charities per month under each category. They range from local to the New Hampshire brewery to international so Smutty sees no ceiling when it comes to supporting those around us. It's a mission, and commitment to that mission, that I can get behind. Plus - I really like their sours.

"Causes" is the third tab under the "About" section on the tri-taproom brewery's website. According to the page, Ex Novo partners with PNW localized organizations through beer creation and its sales. Earth Day / Month has stolen the show as the cause most near and dear to the establishment. The Freshwater Trust is a strong partner and beneficiary of Ex Novo in relation to planet protection. Joel Gregory, the brewer founder, has built his business under the motto "Better Beer for the Greater Good" and I can't think of a better motto to highlight.

BXB has a long standing history of giving back to its local community. They're giving in not only a financial sense, but also in the giving of opportunities to those in the South Bronx through artistic showcasing and internships. Y-Series is a collaborative can art series between BXB and artists local to their taprooms. Each can has it's own mission or cause that is special to the artist. Most recent in the series is The Dark Knight, by Andrew Adames, which supports Rethink Mental Illness. Additionally, Bronx Brewery gives back to the community with their Production Internship. BXB and Beer Kulture opened the door for BIPOC and other under-represented demographics to enter into the beer industry with this paid internship experience under their belt. Cheers to you, BXB.

After confirming you're over 21, "Giving" is among one of the first things you see when entering the Colorado brewery's website. It's no surprise that a brewery with a motto of "great beer, better world" would be as philanthropic as they are. According to the webpage, Lady J has given over $50,000 to 30+ organizations since 2014. They aren't niche in their giving either, with donations ranging from sustainable farming, female education, combating child sex trafficking, and fire relief funds. I hope their train doesn't slow down anytime soon because hats off to you, Lady J.

Yakima Valley is wildly known within craft beer and a large source for hops farming in PNW / the rest of the states. It's a tourist destination as well with casinos, outdoor adventure, and wine country. Within the larger valley, is a plethora of farms. And zoom into those, you'll find Loftus Ranches. Loftus is home to Mike Smith and Cheryl Hanses, a married couple. Mike is a third generation hop farmer, with roots going back to 1932 on the land. Cheryl has a history going back generations but the root doesn't have the same heartwarming story. The Hanses family is part of the 10% of ALS cases that are genetic and she has lost nine family members to the horrid disease. Combining their backgrounds, Mike and Cheryl birthed Ales for ALS to benefit ALS TDI in 2013. Ales for ALS is based off a Mike offering an exclusive hop blend for free to breweries who would donate proceedings of said beer to ALS TDI. "From 33 participating brewers and proceeds totaling $130,000 in their first year, to over 140 participating brewers in 2017, and over $1,000,000 raised to date, the program has grown each year" ( I'd call that a success, wouldn't you?

For real, shoutout the breweries and brewery adjacent who are being the good we want to see in the world. Keep doing you, and I will keep supporting the good fight.

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