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I'm In Love....With These Beer Social Accounts

I worked in beer for a hot minute. I worked as an Area Sales Rep, I was a Brand Ambassador, I was an Events Manager as well as a SMM. I'm currently beertending just for the fun, and because my full-time is fully remote. Therefore, I need a certain amount of social interaction to survive. I enjoy my social interaction to be paid so boom - beertending was my chosen path.

Since I've been involved in the beer community since 2018-ish, it's safe to say that I follow quite a few accounts across multiple platforms. I interact with mostly all of them and still fan girl when I get a comment back despite the fact I'm familiar with the faces behind the keyboard at this point. I know the struggles and the 24/7 call time that being a SMM requires. I want to highlight a wonderful account on each platform that I believe deserve some extra rounds of applause.

Social Media is supposed to connect users and a great SMM can be education, inspiring, informative, and tell a story with content. Allagash does all of it. I've mentioned their profile in several interviews when asked about an account I think hits it out of the ballpark from a branding side. They'll always be a top for me and hats off to whomever runs it.

Remember when Wendy's went slightly off the rails and all brands followed suit on Twitter? Courtyard is like that but a little more on the fly. It's got your usual tweets about releases, weather, and hours. But it also has sass and personality. It's dry humor and it makes me laugh. Cheers to you, Courtyard.

I am a sucker for a trend but some of these audios can be hard to relate back to the craft beer scene. Topping Goliath doesn't think so. And they do it without the Pseudo Sue mascot! They don't need a character like Duolingo - just good ideas and directing. It takes a lot for me to not steal some ideas...I wish I thought of 'em first. They have top(pling) level creativity and they are a must follow for me.

Honorable Mentions :

Urban South NOLA TikTok - Genuinely Enjoying Their Job

I'm sure there are more to add to the list so please, feel free to comment below anyone that I've missed or should add to the next round!

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