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It's Not JUST National Recycling Day

Besides Recycling Day, it's also National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day PLUS Football Sunday. I'd call it the perfect storm to finish all the beer in your fridge and put them in the designated waste bin. Few of the Instagram beer girls (thank you Christina) decided to collab on a video for the occasion. It's cute, fun, and hopefully will get some aluminum to the right places.

Recycling is almost too easy to not do it. I have separate trash cans for glass/plastic and paper products. I do live in a house rather than an apartment so it's at tad easier for me but still. There's no reason in 2020 to not take that extra step. I'm also convinced recycling is just another way America profits because so much collected plastic is sold to China. They're just going to break down/recycle into new products only to sell back to us. BUT WHATEVER. I'm off topic; it'll have to be a rant for another blog.

Seriously though, recycle. I know my cans are always taken care of, blue can and on the curb Tuesdays. There might be a few more than normal because of the Bills loss but I'm just havin myself a Sunday. Ain't gonna let it ruin my Monday! Enjoy the perfect storm and recycle responsibly.

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