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I Got A Friday The 13th Tattoo!

I'm in my "for the bit" era but also my "bucket-list" era. Life does not have a meaning and I'm trying to not take everything so serious. It's been a challenge for me but I'm learning. For those who know me personally, you know I overthink almost EVERYTHING and I have a hard time loosening up. But I'm trying my best.

I took Friday the 13th as an opportunity to not overthink, to just be. So while in Pennsylvania for the weekend - I went with two friends to Tenth Gate Tattoo. I didn't want anything scary or spooky, but something unique and cheeky. Soooo I settled on a tooth. I didn't get to make any changes which is not something I'm usually comfortable with but I did it anyway! I wasn't being picky or a perfectionist; I just let one of the shop's apprentices, Bailey, slap that outline on and go for it. I picked the placement to be below the elbow, again with no rhyme or reason.

I'm not sure that this will be my favorite tattoo or placement but it'll have a special place because it has a meaning. Maybe it's stop and smell the roses, or to just breathe and relax every once in awhile. I could say the meaning is no meaning at all and that's the beauty of it. But whatever it is, I'm happy I have it.

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