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"If You Were A Doughnut, What Would You Be And Why?" Answered By Your Favorite Beerstagrammers

First off, happy #NationalDoughnutDay. Secondly, I take the National Day Calendar moderately seriously. Finding a reason to celebrate a seemingly ordinary day makes it a little better. So to honor the day, I have asked fellow beer personalities a very simple yet hard question.

"If you were a doughnut, what would you be and why?"

I would be a sprinkled munchkin. I'm often brought around for parties and gatherings. I'm bold and colorful. But I'm not something you can have a lot of and I might be a bit much to be around every single day.

I asked my internet beer friends and here were their answers :

Adding a home town touch makes Charlie's answer just as sweet as she is!

She loves make-up and design just as much as she loves beer, so if she didn't call herself fun and colorful then I don't know who else could.

Josh is a college student so to say he wants a combo of grease and cereal to start his day is no shock to me.

Al really went above and beyond with this assignment. He hit the nail on the head too. Glazed are overlooked often but a staple to any assortment.

There really should never been an opposing argument to this.

If I've learned one thing from all of this, it's that the glazed donut crowd would be the kind of person to take you to the airport when you need and would remember what your favorite movie is.

Whatever doughnut you may be, be sweet and be enjoyed by all. Or just pretend I said something that can be meaningful.

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