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I have a lot of thoughts. Like...A LOT. I have rules and opinions and insights. Theories develop during my cycle of internal monologues and stream of consciousness. I've had this one for A WHILE but kept in under wraps because once things become big or known, people do them on purpose. And I'm not here to say that my word becomes huge or Bible but a girl can dream.

So like all posts...LET'S GET INTO IT!

You can read a person based on their style, hair, jewelry, and nails. Stereotypes are all rooted in some truth. You might not like that, but it's a statement that is hard to argue with. I've been sitting back and collecting data points for maybe a year or two on this one so that it can be rooted in my truth. White toes? They means something.

I believe persons who wear white toe polish, and only white toe polish, are elite. They're specifically elite in their confidence, sense of self, and sexual being. I believe (and have studied?) white toe shawties are best in bed. They're vocal in what they want. They're not bashful and they're powerful. White toes give Girl Next Door meets JWoww's famous intro quote, "After I have sex with a guy, I will rip his head off." But like all theories and rules, there are exceptions.

White NAILS, not toes but regular manicures, are neutral persons. These polish wearers most likely keep things clean and simple in life. They might have white toes, but don't fit the bill. They're just the type that likes to match their hands and feet. We all have a friend or maybe are that person who needs their claws in sync color wise and they're in that category. They picked white to match every outfit and don't tend to be the most garrulous in the room. They're nor the artist or the muse but the happy to be there as an audience member. We love them because they always have the best advice and their car always smells like coconut, but not in my elite ranking.

I could go awf on a tangent about the girls who do colored toes, or only shades of pink. But this isn't a psychoanalysis of the polish princesses outside of our white toe rockstars. And the kicker to all of this? White toe baddies KNOW their piggies shouldn't be seen for free so good luck finding one..

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