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UFC257 vs. Royal Rumble 2021

Some might say it's like comparing apples to oranges, some might say they're in completely separate leagues. I'd agree with that. #RoyalRumble surpasses UFC by light years. Okay..maybe that's dramatic but Royal Rumble is definitely worth the watch time and the PPV fees.

Let's compare and contrast a few things :

1. Fighting

UFC fights don't seem to be as thrilling as WWE. Yes, they're literally trying for a KO but half the match they seem to be holding against the cage walls or finding space. I'm also not a huge fan of blood and gushing wounds, so the damage the UFC fighters cause to each other turns me off. On the other side, WWE has some super fun acrobatics. Women's is full of cartwheels and flips and hair whipping. Men's has props like chairs and Roman Reigns used a golf cart. Kevin Owens used a forklift! YOU HAVE SO MANY FIGHT SURPRISES. And they have 30 fighters vs just two in the cage for UFC. Royal Rumble is choreographed so well and has my 12/10 support.

2. Arena

I do love the UFC cage, it's scary and intimidating. It builds anticipation when it's panned over with the camera. I love how the lights focus on the cage BUT it's limiting. WWE's Last Man Standing match had the two fighters going all over the Tampa arena which kept it fun and interesting. Unlike UFC, Royal Rumble uses the borders of the ring. UFC's cage is hard and inflexible. MMA fighters can't bounce off or climb the walls. WWE athletes don't have that limitation. I love that the ring, corners, and ropes are used constantly in WWE.

3. Entrance

As a dramatic person myself, I love that UFC entrances build tension. The MMA fighters enter with their walk song and their entire squad in tow. I really like how deep the squad rolls with UFC. I do however, hate the lack of excitement. are fighting for a title and worked so hard, maybe smile on your way to the cage? I get smiling is too friendly/not intimidating but I do not care. I love how hyped and happy the WWE fighters run in. Bianca Belair (Women's RR Winner) cried when she won, and she KNEW she was gonna win before even stepping into the ring! I didn't see half that excitement when Joanne Calderwood won, had her post fight interview or doing her walk in. WWE wins the entrances because of the excitement the fighters generate for themselves. And because they don't hesitate; it's an entrance/running start for these athletes.

4. Attire

There is no comparison. WWE has everything that UFC, color, individuality, unique cuts, pizzaz. UFC is just boring from an attire standpoint. Conor McGregor wore green shorts and I thought his look was the most unique of the evening. UFC's brand may not support color but I'd love to see a little more. Maybe a dark purple or a burnt orange for the looks? But no matter what UFC does, they can't top the chaps, glitter, latex, and custom tee shirts of WWE.

5. Overall Entertainment

One event had Bad Bunny perform and the other didn't even have a musical performance. One event's main fight lasted an hour while the other's last not even fifteen minutes. One had sparklers and the other didn't have any celebratory visuals. If you've scrolled to the bottom and this is the only few sentences you read then you'd know Royal Rumble 2021 was the event put your PPV money on over UFC257. End of story.

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