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I'm no expert on casting in Hollywood but I am a girl with too much time on a Monday beertending shift...and maybe too many free thoughts. I'm not well versed on actors, or actors with theater backgrounds / singing voices BUT I've never let being under-qualified stop me. However - to give my blog, my audience if you will, the best foot forward..I've enlisted the help of a co-worker who is an auditioning theater professional. With our free time, imagination, and access to a keyboard, here is our re-cast of Mean Girls - The Musical Movie :

First and foremost, I'm not encouraging the Reneé Rapp slander. She is a wonderful cast. However, she is not MY personal top choice.

Cady Heron - Sadie Sink

Regina George - Sabrina Carpenter

Karen Smith - Ava Allan with a Lizzy McApline as honorable mention

Gretchen Wieners - Alyah Chanelle Scott with Camila Morrone as honorable mention

Aaron Samuels - Taylor Perez

Janis Ian - Chris Olsen

Damian - Maitreyi Ramakrishnan

Kevin G - Matt Rife

Coach Carr - Bowen Yang

Trang Pak - Joshua Bassett

Trang Pak Bestie - Ramona Young

Shane Omen - Gavin Leatherwood

"Amy Pants" / Emma Gerber - Madison Pettis

"I just want everyone to get along" - Olivia Rodrigo

Cady's Mom - Molly Ringwald

Cady's Dad - Ed Helms

Lacrosse Coach - Tyler Posey

Regina's Little Sister - Amanda Seyfried's daughter, Nina

Math Decathalon Team - Finn Wolfhard, Iain Armitage

"Snaggle Tooth Girl" - Maisie Williams

There are a few changes in my very ill planned mock-up; Coach Carr being bisexual being one of them. Trang Pak plus bestie being opposite genders add to that story line. And then, Joshua Basset being included PLUS Olivia Rodrigo having a cameo are to add spice to Sabrina Carpenters' lead. I love a not so subtle pop culture reference. We have also changed Janis' character to be a male, played by Chris Olsen, and the story line is that there is still the rumor that Janis is obsessed with Regina and it tore their friendship, HOWEVER, our Janis wasn't obsessed but rather wanted to just be the IT Girl. We all know Chris Olsen is an IT Girl type so it plays well. Regina cut it off before the climb to the top our of her own jealously. Maitreyi is the perfect Damian on her past delivery in Never Have I Ever so the pair would be great together.

I'm not the biggest fan of remakes but classics should pay respect to the original. Tina Fey will stay Mrs. Norbury. Tim Meadows will also stay Principal Duvall because there is no one better suited. I'd love if the original cast would make appearances but as nameless roles, to be included but not have limelight. Amanda Seyfried? She can be the EMCEE of the Math Decathlon. Lacey Chabert? I'd like to see her as a cafeteria lady. You get the jist?

How about the whole re-cast? You get the jist? Is it so fetch?

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