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Taylor Swift, the queen, has popularized the word "era" into the modern Zillenials' vocabulary. She was correct in framing her life into themed segments. I've done the same, with or without realizing it.

I had my Littlest Pet Shop Era when I was in elementary into middle school which lasted about four years. I had an era with two other girls, in our group called 3MF and that was also about four years. I had my high school era which had many phases, but the four years of high school classify as an era all itself. After graduation, I moved onto my Hooters Era which was 1,461 days of chaos, too many bones, and buffalo shrimp. College comes next. I had my Seahawk Era and flew high during my reign on Grymes Hill. But you've guessed it...also four years.

2020 marked the next journey for me. It was a time of self-growth. I might've learned a lot about my environment and relationships in the previous time-frames but the 2020-2023 chunk was about myself. There wasn't a consistency in theme as far as schooling, location, love life, or career to give the era a name; but, it was probably my most important BECAUSE of the lack of structure. I would constantly bite off more than I could chew but learned, I would go the extra mile for the wrong people, and I wasn't there for those who deserved it, but I was betting on myself. And things worked out.

2024 was the start of my next adventure. What's in store for the next four? Honestly, your guess is as good as mine. However, I'd love to start my nest. What does that mean? As of January 8th, I'm back full-time in the industry that I had missed so much. In February, I started really looking for my person/hopeful partner in chaos. Since March 3rd, I have my own lil studio apartment in the heart of my favorite city. And in April, another side quest chapter will close after its four-year reign. May, June, July, and beyond are sure to bring their own unique additions.

I'm setting up roots. I'm not chasing the idea of a family, yet. But I'm setting myself up to be able to be ready when that time comes. I'm 27. I'll be 31 if the four-year era/cycle continues. Maybe I'll have a first mini-me at that point and start my Mommy Era? I don't know and I'm not going to think that far ahead. It'll work out on its own and when it's meant to. But I do know that I want to and will be making choices for myself with the nesting ideology in mind.

You build it and they will come? Isn't that what they say? I'm not holding my breath but I'm making this Nesting Era about providing warmth/home to myself and others while creating an incubator to grow my future. I'm fostering friendships that bring me true joy rather than people to share a bottle with on a Saturday night. I'm focusing on family ties that support me rather than disregard me. And I'm hopefully attracting and building with a partner who adds to the safety and beauty that I've created.

I've been flying for a long time. I'm going to still soar but ready to plant the roots. I'm ready for the seed to be nurtured so when I'm ready, it'll blossom. Nesting Era, let's see whatcha got.

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