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It’s #NationalChickenWingDay And It’s Time To Debate The Boneless ‘Wing’ Status

I was a Hooters Girl for exactly three years and one week. RIP that era of my life, you will be missed and endeared. From the regulars, to the aggressive drunks, to the golf outings, and the constant smell of grease: it was a great time. Hooters Girls get asked the same questions. Will you go out with me? Nope. Can I have your number? I'm gonna suggest you don't ask that one. Do you need big b**bs to work here? I'm proof that you don't.

Hooters is a place of many questions, and many debates. We have countless people who argue over blue cheese or ranch, boneless or original, naked or breaded. However, I can attest that the biggest argument is if boneless ‘wings’ should be considered so or not. Do you consider boneless to be wings?

To make my argument short, they aren't. I believe the only reason they’re called ‘wings’ is because 1) adults don’t want to seem childish by ordering chicken nuggets covered in sauce and 2) it’s easier for the organization of a menu. Boneless are glorified nuggets. They can’t be in the same standard as flappers and drums. They’re also commonly eaten with a fork. Wings are a finger food! It’s unreasonable to think I’m wrong here. It’s always unreasonable to think I’m incorrect...but especially in this argument.

I don’t see how someone can think boneless is classified with drumsticks and flats but I welcome the counter argument. I’ll hear ‘em all out, try and sway my opinion. I dare you.

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