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2008 Taylor Swift Is Back...Kinda

Unless you live under a rock, you're aware of Taylor's Instagram post announcing a new Fearless album. It's emphasized that it's her version because DAMN, RIGHT. Taylor is not letting ANYONE f*ck with her this time around.

According to some decoding in her IG post, the album should be out April 9th. She typed a heartfelt message in lower case with random capital letters in a cryptic pattern. Those letters read A-P-R-I-L-N-I-N-T-H and as all Swifties know, 13 is her favorite/lucky number. 4 + 9=13 sooooo seems accurate. Love Story will be out at midnight and she posted the release on 2/11. 2+11=13, duh.

Personally, I'm very excited for Love Story. I performed the song with my 6th grade chorus for the Spring Pop Concert. I remember all the girls voting for the song and the boys being annoyed, but ended up enjoying it. Fearless was an album of junior high and growing into young adulthood. I couldn't be more happy that she is regaining control and that Fearless is where she's starting.

I'd love to see a music video drop with the song. We'd all love if said music video contains secret footage of a real Swift wedding...only a few more hours to see if that'll happen or not. Until then, we wait on the edge of our seats.

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