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Fellas, Is It 'Gay' To Drink Vodka? Howerton Says So.

According to Jason, a Texas father, vodka is “a ladies drink”. He tweeted Saturday morning on the subject and claims he hasn’t had vodka since 2010 while attending a Texas State party. I can’t argue with someone who’s placing gender on a liquid; it seems an impossible argument to have. However, I can bring gender into the topic of hard alcohol by comparing two popular drinks that happen to be named after a man and a woman.

Bloody Mary vs. Tom Collins.

Ironically, Bloody Mary is a vodka drink. She’s packing heat with tabasco sauce, worchester sauce, salt, pepper and tomato juice. She’s dressed with olives, bacon, and celery. A Bloody Mary can even be considered a meal. I’ve seen her embellished with beef sliders or chicken wings. It’s safe to say it’s way more than a simple cocktail. But where did she get her name? Although the “Bloody Mary” nickname is associated with more than one historical figure, the most notable is Queen Mary I. Mary Tudor, aka Queen Mary I, was the first Queen of England and sought after having the Catholic Church return to power. In her quest, she burned Protestants at the stake which led to the infamous nickname. She was passionate and powerful, and earned the Bloody Mary title.

After some research on the origin of Tom Collins, I was a little disappointed he’s not a real person. I was expecting a war hero or an international criminal. The gin centered drink is actually named after an individual that was conjured up to be used in pranks. Business Insider calls it a “pretty lame joke”. But what was the joke? You’d walk into a bar in the New York area and a buddy would ask if you’ve seen Tom Collins. Obviously, since he doesn't exist you wouldn’t know him. Then a friend would say Tom has been talking trash and to watch out. It was a riot on the 1874 bar scene. The joke was a source of nightlife entertainment for some time. I personally would’ve been entertained by this, however, I see how the joke no longer works in 2020.

For argument's sake let's say vodka IS a women’s drink. I’d want to have Bloody Mary on my side over the lame Tom Collins. She’s not someone to make an enemy of and she is real so that is enough to win me over. Bloody Mary vs. Tom Collins? I think it’s a no brainer.

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