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Merry Winter Solstice And Happy Grand Conjunction

It's so simple yet so complicated. December 21st, 2020 is both the longest night/shortest day of the year AND when Jupiter and Saturn "overlap". I'm not an expert in astrology, but I do believe in the power of the stars/The Universe. I believe that if the moon can control the world's oceans, that crystals, stars, and the planets can all have a pull on the human body (because we are majorly water, duh).

Winter Solstice is the longest day of darkness in the Northern Hemisphere and that's symbolic. It's a period to physically and mentally navigate through/past the darkness around you. Solstices are endings of seasons/chapters. They happen twice a year and symbolize endings/new beginnings. December 21st, 2020 is the longest day of darkness in the year and represents the era of dark and the new light that is to come. Paired with the Grand Conjunction makes both of the events more powerful.

The Grand Conjunction happens every 20 years or so. Our last occurrence was May 31st, 2000. Despite Saturn and Jupiter still being physically 400m miles apart, we see them come together. They "bump booties in the sky" (included it just for you, Bridgette). First, let's talk about Jupiter. It's the largest planet and rules Sagittarius (11/22-/12/21). Jupiter represents with growth and good fortune, miracles and healing. Jupiter is also associated with the 9th house. House of Purpose is the 9th house. It stands for education, law/ethics, travel, and philosophy.

Saturn is the second largest planet and a gas giant. Capricorn (12/22- 1/19) is ruled by her. Saturn stands for responsibility, hard work, determination, and discipline. If you know any Capricorns, you know this is true. The 10th house is known as the House of Ambition or House of Enterprise. It all represents motivation, drive, and achievement. Capricorn/Saturn is commonly associated with career achievements. Both Jupiter and Saturn's houses call for long-term manifestations.

All of this is happening in Aquarius, and hasn't happened within this sign in 200 years. Our two planets have previously met within Earth signs. It is the Age of Aquarius. According to Emily Segal (published astrologer), "Historically, Earth periods like the one we are about to exit focus on materialism, hierarchies, resource acquisition, territory control, and empire stabilization (see the late Roman empire, high middle ages, and industrial capitalism). Air periods, by contrast, favor the renovation of hierarchies, decentralization, shifting orders, rapid translation, mass mobility, trade networks, and rampant spirituality (see fall of Alexander the Great’s empire leading to the network of city-states, the Black plague’s destabilizing effect on feudalism in Europe, and the fall of the Roman empire). Air periods tend to foster information ages that focus on the intellectual, the immaterial, and the ideological – though not necessarily in a peaceful manner". Much to my relief, Segal ends her article by saying not to fear sudden change. Your life won't flip in the blink of an eye, but differences will occur gradually. She says, "the Air period may be upon us, but certain heavenly revolutions are a slow burn, indeed".

Once again, December 21st, 2020 is so simple yet so complicated. Celebrate it wisely. Manifest long-term and career centric aspirations. Burn your purple candle. Watch the sky for Jupiter and Saturn. And watch your days carefully for The Universe to bring your manifestations to fruition.

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