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What's Next For The Jurassic Franchise?

I'm a big fan of the Jurassic cinematic universe. I love the first three that make up the Jurassic Park Trilogy and I am hyped over the Jurassic World Trilogy. Did I like Jurassic World : Dominion? Ehhh not as much as I wanted to but that isn't what this blog is about. I have some predictions for the next chapter of the iconic franchise.

I would say it's a safe assumption that there will be no more theater premiers or block busters. But that doesn't mean they won't release another, and much smaller, trilogy on HBO Max or Prime Video. Honestly, any streaming service. They're released shorts and animations before so I think another three to close out the world and answer all questions is a must and very plausible. I haven't thought of the third of the next film grouping but I have put some half-assed and two hours of thought into the first two. Also..consider this a minor spoiler alert for Dominion.

Let me introduce ... Jurassic : The PREhistoric Stories

Jurassic ANYTHING would not be possible without Henry Wu. He is both the best character because the rides on his shoulders.He is also the only character to be in both Park and World, until Dominion aired. He created the Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, and the hybrid prehistoric locusts. He creates more and more sociality threatening beast each movie. I want a back story. He seemingly feels guilty after each hybrid gone wrong but why does he keep creating? I want to see Henry Wu in college, Dr. Wu graduate, being found and approached by John Hammond; I want all of it. He is a giant contributor to the entire series and his backstory needs to be written and filmed for all fans to enjoy.

Charlotte and Maisie Lockwood also deserve a backstory. Dominion left us with the introduction to their history and I'm craving more. We learned Maisie isn't only a clone of Charlotte but also her biological daughter with mutated genetics. We also learned Charlotte was working on the most insane and ground breaking genetic research. Henry Wu was right to be impressed and inspired by her. I want to know how Charlotte came to her genius, how she thought of Maisie's creation, and how she couldn't use her own research to save herself. How could she save Maisie from the sickness that killed her but couldn't mutate own genes? She made a sacrifice for her daughter and for science and I want to watch that play out on a screen.

Third movie? Maybe another backstory? Maybe a look into the future for the original cast? I'm not sure but the first two...I'm begging for. I want it, so please, Colin Trevorrow, if you happen to be a follower of mine or blog subscriber...or just see this...I'm BEGGING. Also - I love you and thank you for these films in your image.

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