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Wearing A Brewery Tee Shirt To Said Brewery Is A Crime

I've said it before and I'll say it again, wearing a brewery tee shirt to said brewery is just as tacky as wearing a band tee to the said band's concert. Maybe you're someone who thinks both are okay and acceptable to do but I would like to respectfully disagree.

Do you want to look like an employee? Was it the ONLY shirt you own? I just can't see an argument to support wearing merch to the establishment. Are you trying to show people you like their beer? I think I gathered that information by seeing you at the location and drinking from the tap list.

I ran a poll with 79 votes back in 2020 asking for my followers/friends/fans feeling on the topic. And yes, I know there's a typo. I got a few replies/DMs saying that this isn't a topic for debate and that no one really cares one way or another. I refuse to accept this isn't a topic to debate over. I firmly stand with not wearing brewery merch to it's own venue and was hoping to have fellow drinkers on my side.

62% of people voted against me. I assume those 62% are also people who wear socks with flip flops and prefer the bottom half of muffins over the top. I'll let the 11% slide since maybe they had never thought to consider the rule, but I hope after they let the idea ferment that they'll be in the "yes totally a rule" category. 27% of votes have my undying love and support. YOU UNDERSTAND. I will hear nothing but praise and acceptance for the 27% who just get it. And if you're not? Then please re-evaluate.

P.S. I had one voter reach out to agree but debate that the Jonas Brothers are a band that you're allowed to wear their own shirt too, and I agree with her.

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