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Pepsi X Peeps Collaboration Is Genius

Easter is exactly one week away and candy/peeps are the forefront of consumers minds. I love those lil f*ckers. Sugar covered marshmallows go hand in hand with pastel-wearing and plastic eggs. They're out every year but somehow nostalgic to me. Pepsi, on the other-hand, is not my favorite or ever something I'd take a trip to the store to get.

I'm not a soda person. Ironically, I actually gave it up for lent. I used to drink a glass or two with dinner but decided that the taste/calories just weren't that good so I'm using lent to break the habit. Howeveeeeer...I do wish I could get the Pepsi x Peeps collab at my grocery store. Pepsi isn't pushing the three can packs at retailers, but via sweepstakes. #HangingWithMyPEEPS is the punchline slash hashtag to enter and the idea is to (socially distant) participate in spring activities with friends then share across social media. 10 grand prize winners will get "an epic collector's package of PEPSI x PEEPS." IMO, if that 'epic package' doesn't include a pale pink unisex sweatsuit then it's all for nothing but good luck to those who enter. I can't wait to see a review on my FYP in a week.

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