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Old Bay X Vodka - Delicious? Outrageous?

Maryland is getting ALMOST as crazy as Florida. Old Bay flavored vodka? It sounds outrageous. But I can't judge before I get my hands on it. Before I get my two cents in taste wise, I have to respect Old Bay for joining in the liquor game. They aren't the first brand to join in on the alcohol trend; Arby's announced their french fry flavored vodka a few months ago. I respect the hustle of household name brands jumping into the boozy universe and drumming up new business, especially with the Zellenials and Gen Z demographic.

How do we think this is gonna go down? Professionally speaking, I think it's a power move because Old Bay already has a Bloody Mary mix on the market. George's Beverage Company produces the mix and they're also Old Bay's partner. It's smart. Another genius move? In an interview with The Baltimore Sun, David (Co-Founder of George's Beverages) "said it was key to make a natural product, organic even, that would use best practices for the environment, limiting the amount of wastewater and keeping sustainability at the forefront of the project."

How will it taste? Well...I'm gonna need a friend in Maryland to hook me up. Old Bay's list of contracted liquor stores and other off-prem purchase locations is down so its undetermined if it'll be in New York. However, the bottles will be hitting shelves mid-March so we shall all find out soon together! St Paddy's Day pregame with some Old Bay Vodka? I'm thinking a Bay Bomb. Shoutout to whoever put together the mixology recipe list because *chefs kiss*.

So to conclude - genius collaboration, respect to the corporate social responsibility, and taste review coming as soon as I get my hands on a 750ml.

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