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Blue Point's 4/20 ShakeDown On Main Street Was 10/10

4/20 is always something to celebrate. I love all and any holiday, obviously. New York recently becoming legal makes this the first 4/20 that a lot of locals are publicly lighting up for. It makes me so happy. As a state, we aren't hiding our edibles, blunts, and glassware anymore.

Breweries love getting behind the theme of 4/20 with their hemp infused brews and pot leaf print on cans. Last year, I celebrated with Humboldt Brewing Co's Brown Ale with hemp seeds. And this year I'm at Blue Point Brewing's ShakeDown.

Blue Point is hosting the event to release Legalize Wheat. It's a Hoppy American Wheat Ale coming in at 7%. Personally, I think the ABV mark should've hit at 4.20% but I digress. Legalize Wheat is brewed with a pineapple express terpenes blend to give the aroma and flavor. I found the brew to be leaning more into mango notes than pineapple and hazy. Legalize Wheat also contains Idaho 7, Mosaic, and Comet. I've seen more and more use of Idaho 7 in the past year and am loving what's produced with it.

Legalized Wheat's art is funky, psychedelic, and colorful. Helen Kennedy, the first female artist-in-residence for the Grateful Dead, is the mastermind behind the can design. I love, love, love when breweries use local artists and I'm obsessed with the fact BP used such an iconic artist.

Blue Point kept the fun going by offering the purchase of a HopBox to attendees. For $104.20, you could take home a Legalize Wheat 12oz 6-pack, Peripheral Drift 16oz 4-pack, Mixed LIIT Hard Tea Seltzers 12oz 6-pack, Hoptical Illusion 12oz 6-pack, Limited Edition Legalize Wheat Poster by artist Helen Kennedy, Package of XL Blue Point Rolling Papers, Chef Paolo's Brownie with recipe, Flaming Hot Cheetos, and a Legalize Wheat Holographic Sticker. We all can agree the Cheetos is what leveled up this package from good to f*ck yeah status.

Blue Point, thank you for a successful 4/20. Cheers.

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