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I can be caught constantly saying that I’m a “skin of my teeth” kind of person. I get by, and always with a story. Life happens to work out for me at the exact moment that I’m about to throw my hands up in defeat. I get thrown victories at unsuspecting times but the timing is always right. I’m the type of person that just seems to land in the right place at the right time with no real effort and I’m thankful the Universe does it with a sense of humor.

Because I’m a “she won but by a hair” individual - I’ve never missed a flight. I usually arrive to my gate 10-20 minutes before boarding. You’d never catch me at the airport more than an hour-ish before a flight. I like this way of traveling and it’s never failed me before. But on this twelve day, multi city/multi flight trip…I was bamboozled by the stars. Co-Star didn’t tell me that life would be taken off easy mode today. Co-Star didn’t have delays under the ‘Do’ section.

We missed final boarding by a few moments. And the gate agent looked as hurt by this as we did. I’d also like to state that we would’ve been PERFECTLY on time for boarding but American Airlines (yeah, I’m dropping names) has the communication effort of a dude who’s attempting to ghost after a few dates. They’re pretending to try to save their own ass and guilt, but they don’t want to be there for you. So anyway..American Airlines delayed our flight. Score, right? We get to do a longer lunch in one of our favorite cities. We got a text and email to let us know. However, AA changed back to the original itinerary and failed to let the two unsuspecting New Yorkers know its plans. I’d place American Airlines somewhere near the lawful evil corner of the chart. Maybe some chaotic neutral at best.

Although AA has created public enemy number one and two out of me and my bestie, we’re thankful for the customer service. Gate A50’s agent was accommodating, lovely, and kind. She even politely declined my request to buy her literally anything she wanted from Hudson News. It took some manifesting, maneuvering, and lots of please and thank yours but our nameless agent got us confirmed. So Phoenix…and then NYC for a 6 AM touchdown…here we go!! Let’s see why the Universe wanted us on this flight instead…

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