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#NationalChiliDay Deservers Celebration

It's not a secret that I don't cook. I heat things up....AT BEST. I'm kind of disgusted by super hot foods. I like lukewarm, I like cold pizza, I like my tea to sit a minute. Super cold things make me uncomfortable, too. I like my beer to chill for a minute or two before I crack it open, I seldom add ice to a cocktail, and ice cream is too hard when it's freezing anyway.

Chili is my perfect meal. I can eat it cold or heat it up for a minute. Chili comes in a can so the work is all done. Even if I did cook, I'm aware chili is a low maintenance meal. I get my protein from the beans and meat (beef? turkey?) and my fat with a lil cheese on top. I can put it on bread like a sloppy Joe or eat with a spoon like soup. Chili is so versatile. Want. to make a chip dip? Chili is good for that. Want to donate something non perishable with more nutritional value than corn? Chili is your answer. Looking for an easy meal to take camping? Check Isle 9, they got the canned chili.

So...happy #NationalChiliDay! Please, open up some Hormel and celebrate accordingly.

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