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My Skin Care Routine, That No One Asked For

Last night I did a face mask and it dawned on me that I've never been asked about my skin care routine. I have an Instagram with 8.8K followers and not ONE person has asked. I'm not a lifestyle influencer, or even an influencer at all, but I'm going to share my skin care regardless because it's my blog and I'll do what I want.

1. I fall asleep in my make-up

It's not a habit that I'm exactly proud of but I'm not going to pretend it doesn't happen. I've been yelled at by friends and my boyfriend time and time again. They've all tried to correct my behavior and failed. Maybe I'll regret my choices one day. But for now, I'm riding the high that I haven't had a pimple in years.

2. I shower and use Cetaphil

I'm a crusty mess when I wake up, as to be expected. I'll usually get into the shower and grab my trusty Cetaphil. It does the job, minus the tough mascara. I also like their face moisturizer with SPF. Seventeen Magazine instilled in me that daily SPF protection is key and that's basically the only thing I've taken to heart about skin care.

3. Cold Pond's Cream or Maybelline make-up remover wipes

I usually (always) have mascara or eyeliner on my face post shower. I love sending a good ol' raccoon eyed Snapchat before I take it all off. Pond's Cream or my makeup wipes finish the job and then I can begin my day with a new, fresh layer of products.

I'm probably going to make some people frustrated with how I keep my skin. But I do not care. I don't lie. So there is skin routine that I'm borderline offended that no one has asked for.

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