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My Olivia Rodrigo/Sabrina Carpenter Hot Take

Just gonna start out and say I am 24. I honestly have no business even commenting on the two of them/their drama so I'll be gentle in my opinion piece. As someone who lived in the Hannah Montana era, I've seen the Disney love triangle before with Miley/Selena/Nick. Nick was cute and Disney's main male at the time which seems to be Joshua Bassett's role. I had to Google him after Olivia Rodrigo released 'drivers license' so I wouldn't say he's an A Lister. I can't believe we have all this drama over some teeny bopper boy, doesn't seem worth the time for either of these ladies but I'm sure they'll figure that out in a few years.

Firstly, Olivia Rodrigo is a star. She is topping charts and ruling Tik Tok. She has an AMAZING voice and lyrically, she is so connected. Rodrigo is 17, so of course the concept of her (now ex) boyfriend moving on is devastating. We all had a high school heart break that we thought was the end of our worlds. Unlike most teenagers, she didn't have the privacy to grief in her bedroom and only have to see him in her seventh period US History class. I empathize that she has to go back on set and co-star with Bassett. I empathize that she lost her man to another woman, one she sings about being jealous of. She's a Disney kid and clearly growing up faster than she should within the LA entertainment industry.

Olivia's song is A CAR SCREAMING JAM. I have been listening to it more times than when Ariana Grande came out with 'thank u, next'. Her lyrics are amazing and her calling out Sabrina as "that blonde girl" was sharp. Sabrina's lyrics directly call back at that. Unlike most of the internet, I think Sabrina's song/reaction wasn't snarky. I think it's important to know these girls are 17 and 21, and they have been treated as adults since they signed their contracts. I can only assume the age difference feeling of a common high school senior and college junior doesn't apply to their relationship.

Sabrina is getting a lot of hate for her lyrics in 'Skin' because trolls translate "you can try to get under my skin while he's on mine" to "ha ha I'm fucking your ex, deal with it". I don't looooove the line because I agree with the translation but the rest of the song is great. Sabrina wasn't singing a diss track or trying to discredit Olivia, she just simply doesn't seem to care. She seems to be more so pushing her side as a first single launch with her new label. Sabrina's lyrics talk about telling the truth, which is always from the point of view that benefits the author. So it's only fair for all three parties to put out a track. Her bridge lyrics were my favorite of the song.

"I just hope that one day

We both can laugh about it

When it's not in our face

Won't have to dance around it

Don't drive yourself insane

It won't always be this way"

Like girl?? I agree. I think putting "don't drive yourself insane" was SHADY, but valid. They are living the 2008 drama of Miley's '7 Things'. Miley wrote a jam about Nick, which was fueled by fire and caused heartache but I'm sure it's not even a thought in her head at this point. Sabrina is right to tell Olivia not that it will be different one day, maybe they can joke about it.

All in all, 'drivers license' is the better song but Sabrina won the battle because she lives rent free in Olivia's head. Both women are stars, and I hope nothing but success for them. Now about the third song? Joshua Bassett's? I rather not. Bassett released a song between both their release dates, like he already wasn't in the middle of enough. I will not be giving that attention because frankly, I don't want to. off to scream 'drivers license' on my way to Dollar Tree.

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