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My Name Predictions For Jenner/Webster Baby #2

Congrats to Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott on the birth of their second child! Kylie and Travis welcomed their newest edition on 2/2/22 which is honestly a content miracle in itself. Was this planned? Did Kris calculate and tell her when to conceive? I would not be shocked.

It’s not confirmed but highly likely that the second born Jenner/Webster baby is a boy. KarJenners don’t make mistakes and Kylie's blue heart on the baby announcement is a sure fire clue to the gender assigned. Although this usually might be helpful when guessing a baby name - these are celebrities and influencers were talking about. They name their children untraditional names or after objects and are usually gender neutral.

There are already plenty of theories on Stormi’s little siblings name and the top being Angel”. 2222 aka the baby’s birth date is an angel number meaning harmony, serenity, and peace. Angel would be fitting and it would go hand in hand with his cousins Saint and Psalm. However, I think it’s too obvious. Kylie and Travis threw us off by hinting that Stormi's name was going to be Mariposa or Posie after she was born. They're known for throwing the public off the scent. Kris Jenner started the “angel” comments on Kylie’s announcement post and besties like Stassibaby and Malika were soon to follow. Kris would never let the name slip that easily but she would plant the seed and watch us all guess from a distance. If we’ve learned anything about the KarJenners it’s that they can create a diversion.

Rumors (started by an Irish 19 yr old Tik Tok star) speculate that the newest KarJenner grandchild's name is Valentine, which seems likely. He has also posted that Kris sent C&Ds to his email so does that give his guess more credibility? Either way - I believe once the Tik Tok went viral even if Valentine was the newborns name, it’s not anymore.

ALLLRIGHT we’ve talked about others suggestions but here’s my predictions :

Astro - It pays respect to Travis’ career as well as a nod to the astrology/ angel numbers birth date. However, this pick is out considering Travis’ recent concert tragedy. It would be in horrible taste but I’m not putting it past the family.

Halo - It’s heavenly and angelic without being too obvious. It’s short and sweet like Stormi. Halo Webster? It has a ring to it. HA, get it?

Ruis - I’ve shortened Aquarius to Ruis. It fits the astrology mood and is just enough out of the box to be a celebrity baby name.

Peace - 2222 has a meaning of peace and Kylie will no doubt say that this baby brought a new level of peace to her life. It’s more typical than what I’d suspect but not totally basic.

Cloud / Sky- Stormi needs a little brother than matches her own vibe and Sky would do that. Cloud fits the heavenly narrative of his birthday. I’ll group in any names that relate to weather here like Snow, Hail (also angelic double meaning), and Thunder.

Dime - I can’t explain. I just have an inkling.

Twoo - As a second born child myself, I like it. It's an art project. Picasso. It respects the second born status (which Kylie is as well) and the baby's birthdate. It does rhyme and sounds similar to cousin True which conflicts but I don't think it's toooo similar.

I’ve put in about a half hour of serious brain storming into this list and I am proud of it. Kris, can’t wait for your C&D if one of these is right. Kylie, I love you. Travis, still not over when you hit me with your water bottle in March of 2015. I’ll be patiently waiting for the announcement.

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