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It's no secret that I'm a firm believer in the stars and The Universe's power. I'm saying "thank you, more" under my breath when good comes and I'm lighting candles to my voodoo believes in order to adjust what I may not be able to personally control. I've been practicing these rituals and manifestations more seriously since mid 2020, with the Grand Conjunction being one of the larger. And then there's the smaller, as in a journal entry for the Cancer New Moon on July 17th - with the hope of the ink turning into reality for December 26th's transit with the Cancer Full Moon.

I'm fully aware that most of the population don't subscribe to the ideology of astrology or Louisiana Voodoo like I have. I'm aware that it's not as kosher as saying you're Baptist in the South or Catholic in New England. However, as much as it displeases my mother, this is where I've found my peace. But let's focus on the light and how 11/11 showed up for me..

November 11th is a portal, like mirrors, and the date aligns with your physical placement into your environment at the time. It's like deja vu - in the sense that The Universe put you where you need to be on 11/11 but you might not have noticed the current bringing you there. I started my day like any other Saturday morning but felt the need to walk to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree be installed. I'm usually one to walk down my Avenue or on the West Side Highway but the tree just felt more compelling.

I have seen the tree a total of one time ever and it was for my sixteenth birthday. It was December 27th, 2012. It about ten years, give or take a few weeks. I was a little girl, who thought she knew it all, and wanted nothing more than to be an adult in New York City. I was listening to Red with my sister, from our big boom box over the course of two months before school. I had never seen The Front Bottoms but I was introduced to their self titled and I Hate My Friends albums around this time. I didn't know that this was the start a whole new world for me. And now, as a 26 year old, I am more than I thought I would be. I would be making her so, so proud. 11/11 put me there to reflect upon my past decade. 23 year old Clare isn't proud of where I'm at currently but there is peace in 16 year old Clare thinking that the current version of myself is the most bada** lady around.

I'm not gonna lie, I was emotional over it. But I had more to the day so off to my second TFB show of the weekend. I have seen this band six times within the past 13 ish months. I couldn't image not having Brian Sella's voice in my daily life. And the most 11/11 part of the show is that I did not have tickets originally. I had run into Stefanie at Cask and she blessed me with two. It was a perfect storm all meeting together for the portal.

After the show, at the 11th hour of the evening, I took my usual walk to the water. I crossed the street on 12th Avenue and the cross walk hit 22 seconds on the countdown. It may be a stretch but I was filming b-roll, and it hit 2 seconds of recording at 22 seconds on the walk. 222 is peace, balance, harmony. It reaaaaally felt like this was the perfect moment. It was the perfect guide to know I'm doing okay. I'm on the right path. I've been questioning a lot of my choices but ultimately know that I'm doing what 36 year old Clare will hopefully praise present me for being bold enough to do. I've vlogged (just for me) and journaled directly under the 11/11 moon to get the most from it's radiance. So stay tuned for the next year, and decade because she's gonna be big...

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