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What's worse than dating in New York City? I'll tell you. It's the housing market. It's the February / March housing market. I thought it was bad when finding my current lease but oh, did The Universe have a surpiseeee in store for me.

Like in my dating history, I've seen my fair share of four-walls and casa houses. And also like dating, sometimes the picture doesn't match the irl scenario. I've been touring for two months. And for those who've followed my co-op purchasing journey....this is worse. I've seen apartments with no countertops at all. I've seen places with no sink in the bathroom. I've seen abodes without shelving inside the cabinets. I've checked out studios with only a mini fridge in the "kitchen".

You're probably curious about my budget if these are the available options. For the sake of honesty, I'll divulge. I'm looking to stay around $2,600 for a studio. It's no penthouse but I have a fairly healthy budget for a 27-year-old's first solo place. I'm following the 40x the income "rule". I'm providing ALL of the insane amount of paperwork that these brokers and landlords require. I'm debating if I need character witnesses at this point. Do I need letters of recommendation from past roommates, landlords, and employers? I'll do it all AND THE KITCHEN SINK.

It's not the perfect fairytale that I've imagined. I'm not bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in a cab, going over the 59th bridge in a 2008 Rom-Com scene. I don't have Taylor Swift's Welcome to New York blasting in my ears while day-dreaming about my future in the big city. But alas...the war is not over. I've lost a battle, or five, but I'm going out swinging yet again. It's February 27th. I'm in my current slice of Hell until March 3rd. Despite the hurdles, and despite what my mother will tell you I've been saying on the phone, I have hope. I will find that gem and I will fight tooth and nail to get it. Because, it's me, and the *insert my government last name here* family MAKE IT HAPPEN. WE STICK A CANDLE IN IT. But mostly's me...and my life is nothing if not a stage for The Universe's comedic timing. I will find that unit in the eleventh hour, by the skin of my teeth, and impress myself once again.

Stay tuned.

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