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It's National Bikini Day & I Got Burned In Mine

I would've thought Brazil would be home to the designer of the bikini. Brazilians are always on the forefront of the newest beauty trends, and I thank them for it. But the bikini was invented by a French man named Louis Réard.

Louis unveiled the bikini on July 5th, 1946. He did this only days after the United States bombed Bikini Atoll, to test nuclear weapons. He wanted "an explosive fashion statement" or that's at least what my google research states. I find it quite clever. And in true high class style, Louis Réard debuted his invention at the Piscine Molitor which is a popular swimming pool in Paris.

Bikinis didn't take off right away. There was push back from churches, media, and a large percentage of the public. Contestants in the 1951 Miss World pageant wore them, but the garment was banned from future competitions. Once the 60's rolled around, Americans began to accept the yellow polka dot two-piece. Playboy, Sports Illustrated, and James Bond movie Dr. No all helped bring bikinis to mainstream fashion.

How did I celebrate the anniversary of the bikini? I wore a $12 SHEIN purple string bikini and I fried my body. I used spray sunscreen and missed large areas of my glowing white skin. I have harsh lines and red, crispy patches all over. I burned my knee caps; I burned my shoulders. I usually celebrate my national holidays in a little more of a desirable fashion but it is what it is. I'm just thankful I got to lay out and soak up the sun for the first time this season.

And if you made it this far, wear sunscreen and remember the tops of your ears.

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