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It's National #BigWig Day

I'm a sucker for national days and I'm a huge fan of charitable causes, so to combine the two is perfect. #NationalBigWigDay is the last Friday in January and pairs with the American Cancer Society to raise funds. According to, you can celebrate "by donning your biggest, wildest wig and having a party to raise funds to donate to the American Cancer Society Look Good/Feel Better division. The key is not to give big, but to get lots of people to give a dollar. You read that right. On National Big Wig Day™, the fun raising part is to see if 1 million people will give $1 each. By demonstrating that even a dollar can have a big impact, National Big Wig Day™ is out to show we ALL have a BIG WIG inside of us".

Since my donation has been submitted, all there is left to do is thrown on a wig and boast around the house. I've had quiet a few colorful/plastic hair looks so to get in the spirit of Big Wig Day, here are the stories behind the wig photo...

1. Lil Red

I got this beauty sent to me by a follower. Honestly, I was concerned that someone would want to send me a wig, but who am I to complain? I wore this wig in my Valentine's Day 2018 post. I had just finished a workout and didn't want to wash my hair so it was perfect. I like the curls and the length but it's between orange and red which makes it hard to match so 6/10 to Lil Red.

2. Hobo Johnson's Peach Scone

I bought this unit for Lollapalooza 2019 because Hobo Johnson was gonna be there. He had released the Ugly Kid music video a few weeks before Lolla. It featured a mannequin with this same lil ol' me needed to purchase it. Neither Frank nor the other band members noticed me but still 12/10 because of the memories made.

3. Baby Blue

I originally purchased this lil number for my 21st birthday. Unfortunately, I didn't wear it for that occasion. I did wear Baby Blue at Bonnaroo...all four days. I raved, danced, ate, and slept in this unit. IT WAS CRUSSSTY. Baby Blue caught some attention on the first day and I just kept the good vibes going. 100/10 for this one because I'm still friends with the people I met because of it and because it's the first in my ever-growing collection.

4. The Annoying Orange

Zero clue as to why I bought this one or where she came from. I'd say about 10 of my 18 wigs have that same story. Regardless, I love this unit the same. It's very hard to match and the bangs get wild but it's vibrant and bold which is why I adore it. The Annoying Orange doesn't have any combs sewn into it either which makes lots of movement kinda difficult. 6/10 for TAO because the bangs always irritate my eyes and I can't dance while wearing it .

I own 18 wigs total. I have natural wigs. I have colorful. I have very long, and short. I have the most plastic and fake and then I have lace fronts that could fool your average. #NationalBigWigDay is more than just a chance to get creative with your locks, it's a great event so raise money for the American Cancer Society. I hope if you've made it this far, please donate and also tag @americanblondeale in all your wig pictures!

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