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I Knew This Beer Named ‘Becky’

Well...not so much a beer, but a "flavored spiked water". Becky has some friends too. Mom Water is a series consisting of Julie, Linda, Becky, and of course Karen. I can't think of anything worse than having a Karen at my party, but to each their own.

Mom Water came to life after co-founders and Indiana based couple, Jill and Bryce Morrison, took a vacation to the Dominican Republic. Jill was taking passion-fruit infused water to the bar to have the tender spike it. I vouch for her style; take a good thing and add vodka to it. According to their website, Mom Water is paleo, keto, non gmo, vegan, and all natural. It's by a mom for moms. And for anyone that goes to SoulCycle.

Jill and Bryce didn't just stop at creating flavors and names for their line of drinks; they've created personalities. Introducing: Becky (Coconut Mango), Karen (Lemon Blueberry), Julie (Passion Fruit), and Linda (Blueberry Peach). Linda calls herself playful and Karen loves the Bachelor franchise. I can't tell if I love it or hate it?

They're 90 calories, no carbs and have a 3.5% ABV. Could they be the next big thing? Maybe, maybe not. I'm just gonna stay tuned to see if there's a holiday release named Nancy with peppermint water.

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