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I'm Having A Hairdenity Crisis

I've been blonde my entire life. I am (was?) a natural blonde. Only 2% of world's population is blonde, and 5% of the US public. An additional humble brag/weird brag is that I’m rare in the sense that I have O Negative blood and only 7% of the US population can say that. You get it ...I'm one of a kind.

ANYWAAAY, I've been toying with the idea of NOT being a blonde anymore. I know it's a bold thing to say for someone who's name is literally American BLONDE Ale but theres amber ales and purple sours in the world too. I would say being a naturally born blonde (and dyed as of 2018) is something I identify with. Soooo my fear is that I'm going to not like or recognize myself with new hair. But I'll quit with the dramatics and test out some colors.

1. Pink

I've already been lectured that it'll fade out incredibly quickly. And it'll be expensive to upkeep. Blonde doesn't fade but I have the expensive hair care part down already.

I'm 24 and I feel like the time to have crazy hair would be now. I've had pink hair before but it was only the bottom half and for a high school field hockey/ breast cancer awareness month fundraiser. Hmmmm...maybe going pink in October ain't a bad idea.

2. Auburn/Strawberry Blonde

Unsure if I believe it or not, but I've been told I look like Isla Fisher so only fitting to go her color. I feel the safest with this choice. I reaaaally don't love the edit of these sample photos but whatever because my Pintrest board has the inspo my hairdresser would need. I'm thinking auburn like a crispy fall color, leaves falling vibes, and a pumpkin spiced latte feeling. You think that's descriptive enough? In addition to feeling the most confident in this choice, my friends have all voted for it. I can at least have their support if things go south post appointment.

3. Navy

Can you picture little 18 year old Clare, in Galway, wanting a change? I was about to go into my freshman year of college and was taking a trip to the homeland when the itch to dye my hair

struck. I was traveling with a group of teenagers on a study abroad experience and the rules were 1) no tattoos 2) no piercings. As any good teen does, I thought of something that would stir up trouble but not brake any rules. I loved my navy hair, and it even faded very nicely into a pale blue/grey color. I really think it would be the best ~ bold ~ choice for me.

4. Brunette

I had to try this edit for a laugh. I'mm just not a brown haired girl. Yes, this picture is okay but ONLY because the color is placed on a fresh blowout. I'm convince my entire personality would be different if I grew up brunette like the rest of my nuclear family. Going brunette isn't on the table and had to make that clear.

I have my next appointment at the end of summer and until then, my Pinterest hair board will be at a constant state of chaos.

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