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I Have 30 Days To Get In Better Shape Than A 52 Year Old Woman

Our (estimated) 52 year old is named Kathy and she is better than me. Well, not better but more physically fit. I've only just met her, at my first Fit Body Boot Camp class, but I can tell she is dedicated to those mountain climbers and beyond.

I openly admit I took too long of a break after moving back home in March. I had been a competing athlete for as long as I can remember and had a strength coach at school the past 5 years. I was coaching this past year as well and doing my best to hit the girls' workouts after-hours. I told myself that I'd go back into the gym and hit the ground running once Covid laws allowed gyms to re-open.

That moment came and went without me fulfilling my promises to myself. Honestly, I was scared. I hadn't been to a gym to lift in YEARS without a coach giving me a plan, pushing me, and correcting anything that needed to be. I missed being yelled at and told I can do it while I feel like I can't. I miss a group of teammates competing to do the most weight or cheering each other on while planking. When I got an email saying I won a Facebook entered giveaway, I was stoked. My prize? 30 days at Fit Body Boot Camp.

I had never thought about joining one of these gyms. Mostly due to financial reasons, but also because I didn't think anyone my age would be there to compete against. I was right about my age bracket but wrong about competition. Kathy is about to be my fitness rival. She will be left blissfully unaware of this but I silently thank her for being my motivation. For the next month, it's game on.

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