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I Got My Nose Ring After A Boy Told Me I'd Look Bad With It (And The Other Things I Have/Want)

I have seven piercings, zero tattoos, and I’ve had one cosmetic procedure. No, I will not tell you what minor work I’ve had done. I will however tell you that I want to increase my counts. I want a few more piercings, I’d love a couple of small and simplistic tattoos and I’ve wanted a breast lift/augmentation for a very long time. I support changing what makes you genuinely unhappy and adding features (body jewelry, ink, etc.) to enhance who you are.

I currently have two lobe piercings on each side, my tragus, my rook, and my septum. I wasn't one of those infants or toddlers with my ears showcasing little diamonds. I was in junior high when I got first hole pierced. I begged for a long time and my mom finally took me to the mall and up to the Piercing Pagoda kiosk. I remember getting Auntie Anne's after and strolling through Kohl's with minimal pain. Obviously, that's an afternoon well spent so why wouldn't I want to repeat it. I've had my tragus pierced twice; I went to a clothing store on Long Island that happens to have a small piercing booth in the back. It was pierced slanted on the first try so I waited for it to heal, went back, and pierced over the scar tissue. Like an idiot I went back to the clothing store/piercing studio and had my rook done. I was told my skin was very thick (taking it as a compliment) and that she had to use the largest needle. I almost passed out. -8/10 experience with that one. And for my latest aka my septum; I got this one for my 23rd birthday present to myself. I had a crush on a boy in high school who told me I'd look bad with one and that self consciously had stopped me from doing it earlier. We had finally went out after years of not seeing each other....and he sucked. I had no idea what I was thinking to be fawning over him or letting his one comment hold such weight. Two weeks after our little date, I had a hoop in the middle of my face.

Tattoos? I love them. I majored in Arts Administration; I love the beauty of art and consider tattoos to be self expression with ink as the medium. Why don't I have any? It's not something my parents wanted for me at a young age. We always had a rule that we couldn't get them while were under our parents roof which is why I'm an ink virgin. There isn't a rush for me to cover my body as soon as I leave the nest either. I know it'll last a lifetime so I'm okay with that time not starting yet. I do have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to the topic, but who doesn't? I want small, single line, elegant tattoos. I promised my 16 year old self that I'd get a safety pin on my right thigh based on Backflip by The Front Bottoms. I fell in love with the idea of an apple for several reasons. I adore the idea of beer inspired ink.

I've had work done but not anything you could think of; it's one of those needed "deviated septum" situations that everyone calls a nose job. I would love to have real plastic surgery on my chest. I'm very honest and open about that. I have a short torso and I believe a lift would elongate my body while enhancing my chest. Basically, I'm trying to kill two birds with one stone. Instagram and social media in general have made me question more things about myself which I understand isn't healthy but it happens. I follow @celebplastic and use it to be my saving grace from comparative thoughts. I use the account to get my head out of day dreaming of lip fillers or a BBL. Honestly, I'd look horrible with either of those. I don't need to justify my decision of what I want do, I just want to make it clear that it's not to look like Kylie or anyone else. Just a new and different model of myself.

All of the ink, metal, and plastic I want are because I feel that I'd be a more confident, happy, and beautiful version of myself looking back in the mirror. I appreciate the words saying that I don't need anything, or to stay the same because "I look great now" but it's al

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