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I Contributed To Bronx Brewery's Year Gone Hazy

2020 was/is a whirlwind. You could describe it in so many different ways, all depending who you ask. Well, Bronx Native and BX Writers did just that. Bronx Brewery and the two other organizations teamed up for a collaboration. Year Gone Hazy is a DDH 8.5% IPA. Their website lists it as a riff on the popular World Gone Hazy. BXB describes it as "full-bodied and juicy, packed with orange, mango and pineapple, this one’s brewed to celebrate the lights in these hazy times".

Kevin (BXB's Marketing Lead) reached out to me to participate and of course I was stoked. Within an hour of his DM, I had completed the form and encouraged several friends to do the same. I included the hand-written portion for the book too. If it wasn't obvious, I like to be an active participant and be extra about it.

Over 200 submissions later, the masterpiece and blurb covered label was printed and cans were wrapped. There are two unique labels and each four pack has two of each. Both my boyfriend and my submissions are on the same can. That planned, Kev? You can find mine on the second line, left side.

I didn't have to think wildly hard about what to write. I didn't want to send a "fuck you" message to 2020. Writing about missing a formal graduation seemed overdone. Saying I want live music back and no more masks was too obvious. So I wrote this :

Thank you Bronx Brewery, Bronx Natives, and BX Writers for giving me the opportunity to express my year. It only took me 11 words and 63 characters to do so. And it'll only take me 15 minutes to enjoy a cold can.

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