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How Much I Weigh: Measured In Household Objects

I know guessing a woman's weight is taboo but I'm giving full consent to guess away. Most of my followers, subscribers, and mutuals haven't met me in real life; I only exist on the internet for them. Maybe I appear heavier online...or maybe I'm thinner. There's only one way to find out if the camera adds ten pounds, or not, and that's to field some educated guesses. But first, here's what the scale would say if it could talk :

Clare is..

..within 10 pounds of the average dishwasher

..about 4.8 microwaves

..less than a common refrigerator but twice the size of a mini fridge

..more than a cast iron sink but less than the average farmhouse sink between 3 and 4 doors

..about 5.5 adult male corgis

..comparable to 85 pineapples or 7.7 watermelons

I'll throw some extra info in to help : I'm 5'7 and I have a 29 inch waist on a good day.


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