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Great South Bay Brewery's Aloha 5 Mile Race

I wouldn't consider myself a runner. I can pick up and run three miles, I can sprint a mile if I'm in the gym with AC, and I can beat the pavement when I'm motivated. I used to go on long-ish runs when I was upset. It's got a calming quality. I like the feeling of conquering a physical distance and the satisfaction when it's all over. You know what they say..the first step is always the hardest.

Great South Bay Brewery and the Greater Long Island Running Club held the Aloha 5 Mile Race on August 1st. As a brewery employee, I felt as though I should represent. And as it turns out, I was the ONLY employee to run. GLIRC reserved 1-5 bib numbers for employees and I was assigned number two. For those who aren't aware (I wasn't), lower numbers are given to racers who are highly competitive and score low times. I was already nervous due to my lack of training but adding the pressure of the public thinking I'm quick was just over the top.

I can say that I completed the race without stopping, but that would be a lie. Or would it? I never stopped moving but it was touch and go running past 2.5 miles. I had people three times my age gracefully glide past me, I saw high schoolers roam past with ease, and I was passed by those in way better costumes. Water station volunteers, neighborhood spectators, and Suffolk County Crossing Guards all cheered and shoutout, "You're doing great!" in which I replied..."I'm not doing great, BUT I'M DOING IT".

I threw down some Blonde Ambition and Tipsy Tea Peach in celebration of crossing the finish line. I did the damn thing, and deserve some drinks for it. I probably burned more calories dancing to the cover band than I did on the course but whatever. Overall 10/10 experience and I'm not just saying that because I had a hand in planning the event.

Next up? Mardis Gras 5 Mile Run on September 5th!

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