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Frida's Mexican Restaurant : A Review

I had no expectations going into this reservation. Or at least I tried not to. But when you're someone who got very emotional the first time they saw a real Frida work IRL and also a person who has Frida permanently inked on their skin, you're already bias on the subject.

I've been waiting to go here since the day they opened in 2021. I wanted to wear a nice outfit, go on a nice date, feel overwhelmed with joy, and make a good memory. I did one of those things. I made a memory with myself.

But let's get into the nitty gritty of Frida's at 3545 Merrick Road in Seaford...

Parking Lot - DISASTER. Think Edna Mode doing the "pull yaself together" to this parking lot. It's small, the spots for cars are small, and there's only one handicap spot for three-four storefronts. There are more handicap spots but on the other end of the shopping center so it's not help to those who need to use them.

Decor - She is everywhere and I loooove it. I don't think many realize that a large majority of her work is self portrait. There was also a very cool Sacred Heart on the wall which I'm not familiar if it's her rendition or not, but it was 3D and bold. Frida is ~bold~ by nature and it's a large reason that she is an inspiration to me. I felt at peace and a little sense of womanly power while surrounded by her creations.

Drinks - I didn't plan on drinking BUT I was one does, and heard a couple

say how strong their drinks are. And as a self proclaimed 'liver of steel', I had to give it a shot. I got a Dragon Berry Mojito and it was AMAZING. I didn't snag a photo, bad content creator I know, so you'll just have to take my word for it. Their margarita glasses where HUGE and same goes for the sangria servings I watched get ordered around the restaurant. They are not skimping on portions over here.

Dinner - I wasn't particularly hungry so I got a Caesar Salad and an order of Chimichangas. Oh boy! I don't think I've seen a bigger salad. It was all shredded lettuce with cucumber bits and no croutons, so not the classic Caesar but it was great. I couldn't finish it. It's been over 12 hours since I left and I'm still amazed. And the Chimis? I can't get enough of these where-ever I go. They're amazing. Top notch. 12/10. Refried beans? Gimme some more. I had a wonderful plate, and did snag a photo to capture its beauty.

Service - I got ID'd which hasn't happened in a very long time, but was flattering. I have no complaints, everything was speedy and fun.

Overall - I wish my first experience wasn't how it went down. I wish I had a few cocktails with company in good spirits. But even being a lone wolf, I felt welcomed and made the most of it. I couldn't wait to eat at Frida's any longer. And it was worth the wait. Thank you for the hospitality and for being one of the first big meals I've had in awhile plus providing leftovers to last me another two days.

PS - I haven't gotten my eyebrows waxed in a loooong time and only noticed this morning that I was rocking a Frida unibrow. I'm not even mad, it's symbolic.

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