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DuClaw's #GiveACrap Challenge Was A Huge Success

I opened up my DM's on February 16th to "Hey Clare! When was the last time you pooped?" It caught my attention and obviously warranted an answer. DuClaw filled me in on their #GiveACrapChallenge for Colon Cancer Awareness Month and as someone with a family history, I was very excited to get involved in the campaign.

DuClaw's rules were simple. Click, squat, and sip. Sign up started on March 3rd and by then 7th, 3,131 participants had joined the movement. 100 of the first entrants were gifted a prize pack containing a Squatty Potty, screening, and limited edition Unicorn Farts beers. 300 of those prize packs were available to those who donated $85 or more to the initiative. Additional contributions of $35 or more equaled one colorectal cancer screening to someone in need.

Influencers/content creators all over Instagram helped spread the message across that it's time to give a crap. During the first week of March, “When was the last time you pooped?” was seen all over my timeline. Dookie, Squatty Potty's famous rainbow ice cream-pooping unicorn, posed as an employee of DuClaw while getting into many shenanigans.

With four days left DuClaw and partners we're at $15,695. March 31st hit and Madeline Caldwell announced the #GiveACrapChallange hit over $20,000 in donations! I was also notified that "hundreds of people received tests as a result of the campaign, hundreds of thousands were reached in the effort to generate awareness, and $20,000 is going to support Colon Cancer Foundation’s effort to donate 10,000 colorectal cancer screening tests to underserved communities in 2021." I'd say that's a fantastic success.

Still want Sour Me Unicorn Farts? You can visit the contribution page to donate an $85 contribution! You’ll receive a 6-pack of the beer by mail, a colon cancer screening test for you or a loved one, and a Squatty Potty. Want to wait? Unicorn Farts will be making its rounds to 35 states come early May!

And to DuClaw, Squatty Potty, Diablo Doughnuts, and Craft Shack...thank you for giving a sh*t!

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