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Charlotte's Speakeasy : A Review

Let's set the scene : I get a text from my mother asking if I have dinner plans and if I want to meet up with my aunts. I say yes, put on a cute new midi skirt, and off we go. Patricia (my mother) and I arrived first. Charlotte's Speakeasy is on Main Street in Farmingdale and the entrance is at the back of a frozen yogurt/ice cream shop. We had to solve a clue to earn the password and then present it to the bouncer. I rubbed the bust's head and pulled the clever level forward and the staircase was revealed.

So let's get into the nitty gritty of Charlotte's Speakeasy at 294 Main Street in Farmingdale Village...

Decor - It was very much the vibe you'd expect. I'm 99% sure all the photos on the wall are real old black and white photos from thrift stores. I'm not positive but I do hope that's the case. It was dark, but to be expected and appreciated. I love the tin panelling too and the leather couch. I'm not a gold girlie but I can respect it at a place like this.

Drinks - I got a French 75 and adored it. I had it recently at an event and now I've ordered it out a few times. They're elite. They're sophisticated but not basic like the Espresso Martini. However, I do prefer to switch the gin for vodka. Patricia got The Bee's Knees which was also a 10/10. I'm very fond of the entire cocktail menu because it feel historic and the names are charming. I live for a theme and the they've nailed it.

Service - Even though I did not sit at the bar and spent 90% of the evening at my table, I got a present from the bartenders. Once again - back to setting the scene. I went with my mom and two of my aunts. And it ended up being a friend of my aunt who was singing so multiple other extended family and friends of the family were there. Two cucumber juice and vodka shots were dropped at the table by a barback with "these are for your table." I assumed they were from another family member. However, they were not. I went to close the tab and the bartender let me know they were from the staff. I introduced myself and now I have two new friends, Bobby and Richard. They were very nice and even gifted me another French 75 after I closed the tab. 12/10 service.

Overall - I loved the feeling of the space and I loved that the theme carried across every piece of the place. I also LOVED that there was live music. Anthony DeMicco sang for the evening's performance. It was his first stage performance ever and there was no way to know that by watching/listening. He sang Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett and Elvis Presley. Did I know most of the songs? Absolutely not. Did I dance in my seat and pretend I did? Of course. I had a wonderful time and will 1000% be going back.

PS - Password of the week is Owney Madden.

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