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Change The Locks : EP Review

King Princess is my queen. She is an icon to me and an artist I will never pass up an opportunity to see. I've already been graced with her presence three times in concert and I hope there will be many more. Who doesn't want to hear Hit the Back for the rest of their lives? But as much as I love her currently discography - I am ALWAYS down to get new music.

She must've heard my prayers or my manifestation worked because on July 8th, KP released Change The Locks for our listening pleasure. So like usual and without further ado...let's get into it!

Change The Locks - Starts a liiiittle concerningly slow to me but them BOOM we get her soft hum and the beat changes to more her style. I have had a million bodies. And mostly it's been awesome. Alright, respect KP, respect. But this song is about one of the not-so-awesome bodies. It's about a couple that isn't working. They're relentlessly fighting, and it seems over nothing really. It's just over and neither has left each other. I can understand that, the feeling of comfort together but also feeling so wrong in the relationship. You 'change the locks' on your heart so you're not open or yourself anymore. So I guess you're feeling like I steal your space. And you can't be peaceful when I'm in your face, so.'s time to get yaself back girl.

Too Bad - I don't even have words. I love the first verse. She's getting more lyrical this round of new music than I've seen before. But she keeps her instrumental vibe. My God, it is hard to be loved, but that's life. I wish this feeling upon no one. Too bad that I'm hating myself so I can like you. It's giving Selena Gomez's Lose You To Love Me energy. KP is going THROUGH it and I am not loving it; no one is ever worth hating yourself or feeling less than over. She's getting a little Taylor Swift revenge-ish on this but I can respect and understand the therapeutic properties behind it.

Cursed - Well the first two are break up songs but this seems more-so peace is made. They can be civil in public. Well, it had to end. But endings lead to better things. Yes, like this album because it seems to be a product of the fire. (I love you so you cause me pain). Love is the greatest emotion and it is mirrored by pain. I believe if the break up didn't cause pain then you couldn't have been in love. And both feelings shall pass. Oh, baby, maybe we could be even now.

For My Friends - I like how this song starts a lot. It's got some computer-esq but also harp-ish sounds before any real instrumental breaks in. As the title states, she's singing about her friends and their history. We go too far back. You wouldn't leave me now. They fight, they get drunk, they're explored, they grew up around each other but now have their own spaces. 'Cause loving me takes patience is repeated in different ways throughout the song. I get it. Best friends of 10+ years have a lot of patience. You see friends go down, get back up, make mistakes, have wild success, move away, and reinvent themselves over the course of their journey. But you'll always love them. I'm still close with my best friend from first grade; she's my rock. But we have been through every single character development curve we could have at 25 and at this point, are almost complete opposites but still best friends. Just like romantic relationships, friendships take patience.

Little Bother - She saved the best for last. It's more folk-style than her other songs.

Do you feel like you should

Could have tried a little harder

Didn't make me feel good

I was just a little bother

I hate that I relate to this. And I relate with more than one ex. I like a plan, I like effort. I like to be made to feel good about myself. I like to be treated right...but who doesn't? I'm very communicative and my needs seem to still be too much. Word of advice - if you have to ASK a partner to compliment you or be nice because they just don't I guess I'll see you around. Oh God, I hope not.

BTW - this song features Fousheé and she is worth checking out!

KP - Another great one and I hope this EP expands into a full album soon. We haven't had one since 2020 and we're itching for it.

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