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Burger King's Rebrand Is Beautiful And I Support It

January is a big time for image changes; everyone's trying to head to the gym or finally get highlights. Burger King is no exception to this cyclical action. For the first time in over 20 years, Burger King has a new (and improved) look.

It's full of classic colors and playful fonts. Appropriately, the brand's new font is called Flame, inspired by the "rounded, bold, and yummy" items on the menu. BK feels so retro yet so modern. Well done, well done. Burger King's rebranding isn't limited just to its social media channels. They're rolling out new uniforms, new packaging, new menu designs and store interiors.

Raphael Abreu, Restaurant Brands International Head of Design, states “We wanted to use design to get people to crave our food; its flame-grilling perfection and above all, its taste.” Abreu states in the press release that "Design is one of the most essential tools we have for communicating who we are and what we value, and it plays a vital role in creating desire for our food and maximizing guests’ experience".

I'd say Burger King accomplished their goal of intensifying the mouthwatering cravings and I figured out what I'm having for dinner tonight. I only have one the Burger King himself getting a makeover too?

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