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Blue Point's Cask Fest Was A Firkin Good Time

November 6th was @bluepointbrewing’s Annual Cask Fest and you could've bet that I'd be there. Blue Point had 70 exclusive casks and there were more than 50 participating breweries. It felt so good to be at a large beer event again. There was live music, giant hula-hooping, and new friend making. And unique, great, exclusive beer?? You can’t beat it.

There were A LOT of great choices but my personal favorites of the day were @longislandfarmbrewery’s Son of a Peach conditioned w/ sour peach gummy rings and @jamesportfarmbrewery’s pumpkin, vanilla, and whiskey barreled creation. I also loved @poboybrewery’s Crisp-Bee Apple Pie which is a hard cider; having a cider mixed among the beers was the change my taste buds needed. Special shoutout to 1940's for having the first cask kicked!

I had more than a few of the 70 Blue Point casks and I enjoyed several, but have bad news about the highly anticipated Everything Bagel w/ Cream Cheese. I wasn't it's biggest fan; I got garlic notes and a stale taste. I wish I loved it , but not everything can be 100%. However, Blue Point nailed it with the grape cask!

Blue Point also nailed the event production itself. The structure was organized/ spaced well, the ADA compliance was easy and not compliant just for the legality sake, the bathrooms never had a line, and the security was friendly and active. I appreciate the little things that make the user experience more enjoyable and I can tell the Blue Point events team does as well. Seriously, from the point of a consumer, the event was 10/10 without the beer included in the equation. Lastly, the code of conduct was an important and respectable touch. They included a Code of Conduct upon entry and on their social media leading up to the event.

Thank you @bluepointbrewing for putting on a great event that promoted unique beers, good times, and for publicizing the code of conduct to make all feel safe/welcomed. I'll see you next year, on November 5th!

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