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Best Beers For Valentine's Day (That I Already Own)

I could do some research and find the most lovey-dovey beers for the 14th, but that isn't my style. I make do with what I got, literally. I took some inventory of my beer stock to carefully select the top Valentine's Day beers of 2021. So in no particular we go.

Real Love - Interboro Spirits & Ales

Interboro's Real Love screams Valentine's Day. It's can art is cutesy pink with hearts and a curly romantic font. It's 8% so perfect to drink when dealing with a loved one alllll day. I haven't opened it yet but Untappd says it's got apricot nectar flavor which somehow reminds me of Brittany and Santana's "sweet lady kisses" from Glee.

Attention Please! - Bearded Iris Brewing

Like most other girlfriends, I like/need attention. I don't see what's wrong with that. Nothing. There's nothing wrong with wanting attention and owning that. Attention Please! is a Valentine's Day beer because it's an expression I will use on V-Day and every day after.

Surf & Turf - Stillwater Artisanal and Evil Twin Brewing

Ever been to a price fix menu dinner? Valentine's Day is the KING of them. 2 hour max with entrees adding $30 over their normal price? No thank you. Lobster and steak are the typical ~romantic~ dinner. I much rather (and will be at) Boozy Brunch for the holiday.


New York City indoor dining just opened? No dry runs, no weekend practice. And on the busiest dining day of the year? Then Cuomo decides it's a good time to extend restaurants by one hour extra? Evil Twin got it right in that I wouldn't want to be there.

Double Chocolate Stout - Rouge Ales

V-Day screams flowers and chocolate. I always get a lot of chocolate from my parents and this year, with a boyfriend, I'm getting double. It's a double chocolate holiday so Double Chocolate Stout is the PERFECT Valentine's brew.

Adios Pantalones - Rahr & Sons Brewing Company

Isn't it obvious why I picked this brew? It's pink, duh! I'm ending the list with Adios Pantalones because most of y'all will be ending your night saying the same thing ;).

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