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August 3rd Is My Death Date

Did you ever watch Manifest on Netflix? It's a plane full of landed passengers that are trying to do good in the world to create karma so that they may escape their doom. Doom has a date. I also have a date. It's August 3rd. But the difference between me and the passengers is that I wasn't cursed by some ancient being or some electrical storm. And I'm also not looking to escape it by doing good. Unrelated - but I believe that only doing good to earn points is still bad because it's for a selfish reason. ANYWAY, a spell wasn't cast on me by a mythological creature and I wasn't in some freaky Friday accident. I was cursed by my sister.

It's a joke but it's not. I have a sister, who wishes to stay out of the social media/public eye, and when she was about 8 or 9 she put a spell out there. Let's call her Green. Green and I plus our younger brother were at the town pool for swimming lessons on a summer morning in the early 2000s. But when we came home, I didn't hang up my towel on the clothes line that used to run our backyard. She got in trouble for my actions. What was her response? She hexed her baby sister. She pulled the date out of thin air but it stuck like bees to honey.

She claimed that I "will die on August 3rd" and it was like the shot heard round the world. And from that year out, it was a date marked in our calendars. I get texts from friends and family every year. I woke up to texts like these this morning :

Like I said's a joke but it's not. I was at Lollapalooza on August 3rd, 2019 and a friend of mine ended up breaking her ankle. I was sharing my location with my mother at the time and for her to see me in another state, in the ER, on my death date...well, we can just say it wasn't fun for her.

I can't say it bothers me but I do like believing that any risk I take throughout the year can't be the jump to kill me because it's not my date. I don't get anxious on this day but almost find it peaceful. I'm not saying I fully and 100% trust in my sister's attempt to curse me BUT if you could, would you want to know your death date? It's worth having a think over.

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